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13 articles from Hugh Ross for Salvo.

Department: Logistics — Salvo 42

God & the Gaps
A Response to Data-Free Models for Origins Hugh Ross

Feature — Salvo 41

Timing Is Everything
Earth's Mass Extinction Cycle & Life's Long History Hugh Ross

Feature — Salvo 40

Remains to be Seen
On Discovering Extraterrestial Life & Extraterrestrial Intelligence Hugh Ross

Feature — Salvo 39

Zone 9 in Outer Space
The Known Habitable Zones & One Remarkable Planet Hugh Ross

Feature — Salvo 38

Creation Event Horizon
Gravity Discovery Makes for Big Waves Hugh Ross

Feature — Salvo 37

Acts of God
Are Natural Disasters the Fundamental Evils We Think They Are? Hugh Ross

Feature — Salvo 36

ETI In the Sky

What the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Means for Us by Hugh Ross

Feature — Salvo 35

Sure Signs
How to Understand the Degree of Certainty in Key Discoveries Hugh Ross

Feature — Salvo 34

Life's Big Bangs

Avalon & Cambrian (& Worldview) Explosions by Hugh Ross

Feature — Salvo 29

Moon Strike

Lunar Origin Causes "Philosophical Disquiet" by Hugh Ross

Feature — Salvo 21

Galactic Green

Our Milky Way Is Amazingly Designed for Life by Hugh Ross

Feature — Salvo 20

Mass Appeal

On How the Vastness of Space Makes It Possible for You To Be Here by Hugh Ross

Feature — Salvo 19

Save the Whales!

Monsters Well-Designed for the Earth's Ecosystem by Hugh Ross

Salvo 43

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