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Salvo #17

Table of Contents

Salvo 17


Feature — Salvo 17

Try Before You Buy?

Not If You Are Looking for a Marriage That Will Endure Inevitable Trials by Greg Koukl

Feature — Salvo 17

Schizophrenic About Science

The "Party of Science" Is Nothing of the Sort by Regis Nicoll


Column: Deprogram — Salvo 17

Neither God nor Darwin?

Atheists & Agnostics Who Dare to Doubt by Denyse O'Leary

Column: Undercover — Salvo 17

Dear Donor #3066

A Father's Day Message for You by Les Sillars

Column: Hazmats — Salvo 17

One Nation, Under Drugs

How California & the Rest of Us Can Become More Like Yemen by Judith Reisman

Column: Headquarters — Salvo 17

Suffering Defeated

A Dialogue About God & the Problem of Evil by Greg L. Bock


Department: Parting Shot — Salvo 17

Music & Truth

Art Cannot Be Reduced to Parts—Neither Can You by Paul M. Jannakos

Department: Camouflage — Salvo 17


The Feminist Mistake by Terrell Clemmons

Department: Opening Salvo — Salvo 17

Finding Ourselves

And Keeping a Grip on Precious Truths by James M. Kushiner

Department: Blip — Salvo 17

Sex, Lies & Video Games

A Review of Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys by Kay S. Hymowitz by Rebecca Edwards

Department: Great Escapes — Salvo 17

A Change to Believe In

How the Raving Atheist Became the Raving Theist by The Raving Theist

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The Current Issue—Fall 2018

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