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Salvo #30

Table of Contents

Salvo 30


Feature — Salvo 30

Fatal Errors

Debunking Ten Common Pro-Choice Arguments by Regis Nicoll

Feature — Salvo 30

"The Talk" 2.0

Five Sex Facts Teens Should Know by Brenda Zurita

Feature — Salvo 30

Earth in the Zone
The Impossibly Habitable Planet by Hugh Ross


Column: Person of Interest — Salvo 30

Don't Miss Mayberry

An Interview with Russell D. Moore by Marcia Segelstein

Column: Deprogram — Salvo 30

Immaterial Evidence

The Law of Conservation of Information: Part I by Denyse O'Leary

Column: Foreign Intel — Salvo 30

Bad Habits

How Not to Read the News by Michael Cook

Column: Undercover — Salvo 30

Friends & Benefits
How to Look for Love in All the Right Places by Terrell Clemmons

Column: Operation ID — Salvo 30

Heads or Tales
How Evolutionary Theory "Predicts" What It Finds by Casey Luskin

Column: Hazmats — Salvo 30

The Sickly Institute
The Kinsey Virus Goes Global & We're Fighting It by Judith Reisman

Column: Headquarters — Salvo 30

Field Training
Advice from a Young Christian Apologist by Jonathan McLatchie


Department: Blip — Salvo 30

Unfashionable History

A Review of How the West Won by Rodney Stark by Terrell Clemmons

Department: Home Front — Salvo 30

What to Watch For

Children and Television by Marcia Segelstein

Department: Archives — Salvo 30

On Compulsory Mis-education

Teaching the Young to Despise Their Heritage by Cameron Wybrow

Department: Opening Salvo — Salvo 30

Nesting Instincts

On Caring for the Habitat of the Human Family by James M. Kushiner

Department: Parting Shot — Salvo 30

Accidents Waiting to Happen
In Defense of the Deliberately Large Family by Joel Sams

Department: Biohazards — Salvo 30

Your DNA, Art & Privacy by Paige Comstock Cunningham

Department: Family Briefing — Salvo 30

Counting Costs
The Truth About Employers & Contraception by Nicole M. King

Department: Reconnaissance — Salvo 30

Reason Renaissance
Ratio Christi, the Academy & U by Terrell Clemmons

Department: Great Escapes — Salvo 30

Married to God
The Sexual Ruin & Redemption of David Kyle Foster by Terrell Clemmons

Salvo 46

The Current Issue—Fall 2018

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