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Salvo #36

Table of Contents

Salvo 36


Feature — Salvo 36

Amazon Culture
Life in the Tech Jungle: Salvo Talks with a "Missionary" in the Thick of It by Salvo

Feature — Salvo 36

ETI In the Sky

What the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Means for Us by Hugh Ross


Column: Person of Interest — Salvo 36

Marriage Matters

An Interview with Patrick Fagan by Marcia Segelstein

Column: Headquarters — Salvo 36

Faith Removal

Militant Science & Apostle Krauss by Regis Nicoll

Column: Casualty Report — Salvo 36

IVF & Its Victims

The Numbers and Statistics by Marcia Segelstein

Column: Foreign Intel — Salvo 36

English Shadows
Britain Struggles to Win Young Muslim Minds by Michael Cook

Column: Undercover — Salvo 36

Vacating Freud
Recovering Soul Identity in Light of the Gospel by Terrell Clemmons

Column: Operation ID — Salvo 36

The Flight Stuff
Biological Design Inspires Aircraft Engineering by Daniel Currier

Column: Deprogram — Salvo 36

Neanderthal Catechism
The Naturalist's Backward-Looking Tale of Homo Sapiens by Denyse O'Leary


Department: Opening Salvo — Salvo 36

Getting Personal

Language Is a Sign of Our Spiritual Nature by James M. Kushiner

Department: Camouflage — Salvo 36

Mind Control

Safeguarding Yours from the Modern Cult of Experts by Terrell Clemmons

Department: Parting Shot — Salvo 36

Our Quantum Leap

There Is a Huge Chasm Between Humans & Nonhuman Animals by Michael Egnor

Department: Allied Front — Salvo 36

The Marriage and Religion Research Institute by Salvo

Department: Surveillance — Salvo 36

Death Pushers of America
The Drug Policy Alliance by Terrell Clemmons

Department: Biohazards — Salvo 36

Matrix Reloaded
The Downsides of Uterus Transplants by Paige Comstock Cunningham

Department: Basic Training — Salvo 36

Evolutionary Ethics
The Bad, the Worse & the Unpleasant by David Anderson

Department: Collateral Damage — Salvo 36

Thawed Thinking
Is Freezing a Human Being Really Humane? by Rebekah Curtis

Department: Home Front — Salvo 36

Raising Generation Me
The Domestic Battles of Entitlement by Marcia Segelstein

Department: Family Briefing — Salvo 36

Tying Blind
On the Show Married at First Sight by Nicole M. King

Department: Blip — Salvo 36

Toward Prosperity
A Review of Poverty, Inc. by Terrell Clemmons

Department: Archives — Salvo 36

Greek Light
Plato's Big Ideas Reflected in Christian Truth by Cameron Wybrow

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ESTI: Enterprise for Star Trek Ideology

ESTI: Enterprise for Star Trek Ideology

Salvo 46

The Current Issue—Fall 2018

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Salvo 43

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