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Salvo #7

Table of Contents

Salvo 7


Feature — Salvo 7

New and Unimproved

Atheism's Brash but Ineffectual Makeover by Karen Swallow Prior

Feature — Salvo 7

The Apologist

An Interview with Dinesh D'Souza, Author of What's So Great About Christianity by Marcia Segelstein

Feature — Salvo 7

Our Smear Campaign

Congratulations, My Fellow Atheists; We Have Successfully Demonized Religion (However Speciously) by Les Sillars

Feature — Salvo 7

Blinded by Science?

Don't Be; That's Just the New Atheists Masking Their Faith Choice by Terrell Clemmons

Feature — Salvo 7

Unequal to the Task

Four Things That Atheism Can't Explain About the Universe by Christopher Shubert

Feature — Salvo 7

The Recovered Atheist

How the "Naive Impression of Evil" Saved Me from a Lifetime of Dread and Despair by Marc LiVecche


Column: Operation ID — Salvo 7

Reverse Psychology

When It Comes to Human Behavior, Darwinian Hindsight Is Always 20/20 by Casey Luskin

Column: Deprogram — Salvo 7

The Hobbit That Wasn't

A New Human Species Is Discovered, Doubted, and Debunked by Denyse O'Leary

Column: Foreign Intel — Salvo 7


Today's Bioethicists Are the Furthest Thing from Ethical by Michael Cook


Department: Parting Shot — Salvo 7

The Superiority Complex

A Fraternity of Experts Thinks It Knows What's Best for You by Herb London

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The Current Issue—Fall 2018

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