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Salvo #8

Table of Contents

Salvo 8


Feature — Salvo 8

Rest in Pieces

A Monologue: How to Lose Your Body Parts Before You're Definitely Dead by Les Sillars

Feature — Salvo 8

Tired of Life?

Even If We Have More Choices, There Is Only One That's Right by Mark Linville


Column: Operation ID — Salvo 8

Darwin's Acid

Isn't That Really Just "Science of the Gaps?" by Casey Luskin

Column: Hazmats — Salvo 8

Rape Rates

Kinsey's Junk Science & Other Unreported Sex Crimes by Judith Reisman

Column: Foreign Intel — Salvo 8

Night & Day

Why Are These Two Indigenous Towns Down Under Really Worlds Apart? by Michael Cook


Department: Parting Shot — Salvo 8

Not So Fast

Is Moral Collapse Inevitable? by Michael Medved

Department: Decode — Salvo 8


Conservative by Bobby Maddex

Salvo 46

The Current Issue—Fall 2018

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Salvo 43

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