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The Crux Project Archives: Academia


Are porn studies the latest academic fad?

by Joe Jablonski

"That's what kids do these days; they make porn at school," said a Wesleyan University student who earned an "A" for filming a fellow student masturbating. Indeed, watching pornographic films, viewing pornographic magazine images, reading pornographic writing, and even making homemade porn flicks appears to be a growing trend in American academia.

Experts in higher education argue that the trend toward porn in the classroom reflects the broader trend in sexual libertinism/exhibitionism fueled by the internet and the growing obsession with sex by the American public. But why are professors who require their students to make their own porn films, and/or who show porn films to students, teaching in academic programs at accredited colleges and universities in America?

Universities such as Wesleyan University, San Francisco State University, the University of California-Berkeley, New York University, the University of California-Santa Cruz, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Chapman University, and Northwestern University have all made their own contributions toward this trend. Departments of film studies, women's studies, gay and lesbian studies, English, and psychology, having overwhelming numbers of representatives of a new breed of pro-pornography feminism, appear to be the most likely to offer courses on porn.

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