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The War We Lost

by James M. KushinerThe “Greatest Generation” is quickly passing from the scene. Among them are the men and women who served in the American armed forces that fought against Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan. My father, Paul, who is now 88, served under General Patton in North Africa and Sicily, moved to the Monte Cassino front, landed at the Anzio beachhead, entered Rome upon its liberation, and saw the end of the war while attached to the 101st Airborne Division near the Austrian border.

My father’s 216th Anti-aircraft Gun Battalion was invited to visit Hitler’s Landsberg concentration camp right after its liberation, a scene that was depicted in Episode 9 of the Band of Brothers mini-series, titled “Why We Fight.” As the film shows, the scene was gut-wrenching. In this issue of Salvo, Judith Reisman relates the gut-wrenching “sex research” that one of the members of Hitler’s Gestapo was performing on children in one of those camps.

What most Americans do not know is that, not long after American troops returned home after risking their lives to protect their country and their families, another war was started on American soil, targeting American families and their children. This war would eventually kill millions of human beings without a shot being fired. Let me explain.

Using the “research” of Hitler’s Gestapo pedophile mentioned above, along with his own fraudulent data and lies, professor Alfred Kinsey launched a frontal attack on traditional morals. And he won—with the help of foundation money, pornographers, legislators, courts, and educators—not to mention the acquiescence of too many citizens happy to be allowed a “free” taste of formerly forbidden fruit.

It is all harmless sexual expression, you see, approved by “scientific research” recorded on graphs and charts and disseminated through modern sex education, which—as you will read in Marcia Segelstein’s article about the good work of Miriam Grossman—is another toxic fruit of Kinsey and his collaborators.

Kinsey helped set in motion a legal and educational revolution that has now cost the lives of more than 45 million unborn children in this country alone. Jennifer Fulwiler, formerly a pro-choice atheist, compares modern sex education’s list of the “right” conditions for “having sex” with its list of the “right” circumstances for having a baby. No wonder those advancing the sexual revolution had to clamor for legalized abortion on demand. Without abortion, Fulwiler notes, the new rules for sexual engagement would not be workable for women.

Sadly, members of the “greatest generation” no longer recognize the country they fought to protect when they hear about grade-school children being taught about “gay sex” and “gay marriage” and how to put on condoms as if they were being taught how to tie their shoes. The sexual revolution that Kinsey launched with his lies has become a national disaster few politicians and leaders are willing to talk about.

If you think we are overstating the darkness of Kinsey’s legacy, I suggest that you do research on him and on the Kinsey Institute for yourself, and let us know what you find. But also read in this issue Judith Reisman’s Hazmats column on page 42, Marcia Segelstein’s feature on page 34, and Jennifer Fulwiler’s Undercover column on page 40. Let us know what you think.

Allied troops liberated the Nazi death camps and ended the Third Reich in 1945. Kinsey died in 1955, but his casualties continue 55 years later. What should be done? Is it too late to fight back.

I will give the final words of Opening Salvo to Judith Reisman, who has spent many years on the trail of Dr. Kinsey for his crimes against humanity. She deserves to be heard.

—Jim Kushiner

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