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February 8, 2016

Condoms for Sixth-Graders? Seriously?!

San Francisco public schools are seriously considering expanding their Condom Availability Program for high school students into middle schools.  Superintendent of Schools Richard Carranza is in favor of the proposal, which would also eliminate the option - which currently exists - for parents to exclude their children from it.

According to Debra Saunders, who wrote about this at SFGATE, here's how it would work: "When a middle-schooler is having sexual intercourse – presumably not with an adult – a nurse or social worker could give the student condoms and useful information."  It's all confidential; parents would not be informed.

Saunders asked Kevin Gogin, Director of Safety and Wellness for the school district, whether there had been some event that triggered the proposed shift to include middle school.  The answer was no.  "That's the problem with San Francisco," she writes, "elected officials are always pushing the envelope when nobody asked them to."  It's safe to say that's how many parents feel about their own public schools.

A school board committee is scheduled to meet today to make the final decision.

You can read the SFGATE story here.

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