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April 12, 2016

Gender Fascism Stalls

It is a tiresome topic—talking about bathroom facilities, that is—because it deals with one of the least exciting activity we humans have to endure. (Second only to brushing our teeth?)

In the days before indoor plumbing (at least for the less than super-rich or royalty), this was taken care of out-of-doors, in outhouses or in fields, forests, or wherever we happen to be when nature calls. Now that "accommodations" are commonplace, this previously neutral territory has become the latest battleground in the gender-sexual identity wars. (Salvo has weighed in with its own proposal to school boards—Gender Drop—so far, no takers. Perhaps we should not apply for a patent after all.)

That said, this video neatly frames and uncovers the deeper incoherence of the new gender fascism that has invaded and occupied plenty of school districts and college campuses.

Seriously, if I can't tell you that I am a walrus and insist that you believe me, why should you believe me if I tell you I am really the opposite sex of what my DNA and biology reveal? There is one student in this video whom I fear would accept me as a walrus, when she should be sending me somewhere for help.

The crime here is that these students have been trained to not think about these things, and likely have paid dearly for this education in falsehood. And may pay more dearly yet.

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