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May 27, 2016

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Remembering Why We Fight

Throughout history, the state——whether through monarchs, elected bodies, totalitarian dictators, or collectivizing tyrants——has often looked rapaciously on three targets in its quest to acquire more power: the individual, the family, and the local community. In modern times, the state has participated in a three-pronged attack against these targets with increasingly sophisticated siege-engines.... 


The ammunition for this assault on men, women, and children often consists of disinformation veneered with quasi-scientific language, such as that used by "sexologists" and psychologists to promote "guilt-free" sexual experimentation by minors. For the new science, which is now touted as our best guide for ongoing social progress, managed by the state, there is no hard line between vice and virtue. The young are groomed for self-destructive promiscuity, with only subsidized condoms to defend their bodies against disease and nothing at all to safeguard their souls.

No society that treats its young in this manner can long survive. So Salvo pursues both a rescue or salvage operation and a counter-offensive by boldly pointing out errors and proclaiming the truth. We think the future of society is at stake. We think that each person, each family, and each community is worth fighting for. Thus, we do what we can to resist the attacks against them——keeping in mind that resistance for the Truth is never, ever futile!

The future is at stake in the lives of our children and grandchildren. When many years hence they look back at the insanity of 2016, will they know that their parents and grandparents refused to give in but continued to speak up and defend the family, resisting the new gender-fascists? Please help us today by supporting Salvo. Thank you.

For Christ, Creed & Culture,
Jim Kushiner, Executive Editor 


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