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October 12, 2015

Weekly Salvo

Virgin Mothering

Michael Cook, editor of MercatorNet, draws our attention to the growing phenomenon in Great Britain of young, single women who have never had sexual intercourse using IVF to become pregnant. The idea of single women choosing to have babies is not new (a support group called Single Mothers by Choice has been around since 1981). But these British virgins haven't chosen this course out of despair of ever finding Mr. Right. "They are very sure that they do not want a man in their lives," Cook writes. "In short, these are women who want a child but no intimacy and no love." As one critic of this trend put it, "What is the child for these women? A teddy bear that they pick off the shelf?"

The hazards for children raised without fathers have been well documented. In this case it seems that wanting children trumps wanting what's best for them.

For more on this story, read "Celibate Mothers Carry Forward the Sexual Revolution."

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• From "Sexual Emergency" by James M. Kushiner.

Families may be in for a rough future. Consider this story about Japan:

Japan's under-40s appear to be losing interest in conventional relationships. Millions aren't even dating, and increasing numbers can't be bothered with sex. . . . A survey in 2011 found that 61% of unmarried men and 49% of women aged 18–34 were not in any kind of romantic relationship. . . . A survey earlier this year by the Japan Family Planning Association found that 45% of women aged 16–24 "were not interested in or despised sexual contact."

But not as many men feel this way, so prostitution is booming. This all bodes ill for Japan's feeble birthrate. The country's population is on track to shrink by a third by 2060. What could possibly be the future of the Japanese family except its demise?

•For more on the complications of assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) and the serious consequences it poses for children, read "Unnatural Births," by Salvo's Terrell Clemmons.

•And to read about the variety of new family structures and how they impact children, check out "Family Skewed: When the Needs of Children are Secondary to the Desires of Adults, Guess Who Keeps Losing?"

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