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SALVO 10: Autumn 2009
Read the Opening Salvo
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Featured online from this issue:

Undercover with Hunter Baker
Facts Evasion: When It Comes to Sex, the Left Hates Science

R & R with Barbara Nicolosi
Character Assassination: Hollywood Kills Off the Movie Hero

Featured Blip
by Terrell Clemmons
Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto by Mark Levin

by Bobby Maddex

Also in this issue:

The Fake Ads

Opening Salvo
Terminal Confusion by James M. Kushiner


Hazmats with Judith Reisman
Picture Poison: Viewing Pornography for a Living Can Be Deadly

Operation ID with Casey Luskin
The Big Ida: The Rise & Fall of Another Missing Link & Other Media Hype

Deprogram with Denyse O’Leary
Dr. Moebius, I Presume? From the Oracle of Theoretical Physics: There Is Only One Side to a Science Story

Foreign Intel with Michael Cook
Quieter Streets: The Iranian Population Revolution

Parting Shot with Herb London
The Celebrity: Circa 2009


Roe v. Women
by Terrell Clemmons
Pro “Choice” Clearly Harms Those It Claims to Help

Cooler Heads
by Regis Nicoll
A Closer Look at All the Factors & Views on Global Warming

Party Schools
by Marcia Segelstein
David Horowitz Zeros In on the Indoctrination of Students by Ideologues

Featured Departments

Great Escapes
by Julie Grisolano
The Story of Eduardo Verástegui, the (Former) Brad Pitt of Mexico

by Bobby Maddex

by Terrell Clemmons
UNFPA: United Nations Population Fund

Opening Salvo - Incoming - Shrapnel: The Wonderful World of Disney, Pre-Crime Control, Wrongful Birth?!, A Cultural Détente?, Fish Posh, Killing Us Softly, Abortion Ads, Eggs-acting a Price, Transhumanist Update, Darwin Doubters - The Trenches - Blips

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Eye Openers: Eight Common Factors for Atheists Changing Their Minds About God by Matt Nelson

Tuning Out the Universe: How Naturalism & Post-Fact Science Ignore the Evidence We See by Denyse O'Leary

Deep-Seated Rights: What They Are & Why You Have Them by Steve Jones

Improbably So: Fine-Tuning Is Unlikely, but Unlikely Things Happen All the Time by Tim Barnett


The Long Red Shadow: Mike Shotwell Has a Message for Millennial America by Terrell Clemmons

The Good Life: It's to Know, Serve & Love the Truth, Not the Pursuit of Happiness by James Altena

Taking Polls Apart: Human Complexity Foils Electoral Predictions by Denyse O'Leary

Morality as Story: The False Charity of Modern Journalism by Rebekah Curtis

Can We Talk?: It Is Crucial That We Put Our Minds to Contentious Issues by James M. Kushiner

Evo-Elitism: Darwinism's Missing Link to Civil Liberties by Denyse O'Leary

Stonewalled on Abortion: One Woman's Quest for Straight Answers from Public Health Organizations by Terrell Clemmons

Love, Rhetorically: Using a Powerful Word Doesn't Mean Your Argument Is Logical by Tom Gilson

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