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Salvo 14 image

SALVO 14: Autumn 2010
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Featured online from this issue:

Undercover with Darci N. Hill
Youth Uprising: Young Pro-Lifers on the Rise

Baby Freeze
Is Population Control the New Solution to Global Warming?
by Robin Phillips

Radio Silence
Still Searching for Wisdom in the Sky
by Regis Nicoll

A Buried Grief
Finally, There Is More Help for Women Hurt by Abortion
by Marcia Segelstein

Also in this issue:

The Fake Ads


Opening Salvo
The Inception of Guilt by James M. Kushiner

Foreign Intel with Michael Cook
DNA-Bombs: Fallout from the “Dirty War” Raises Questions About Genetic Fingerprinting

R & R with Bobby Maddex
Empower Play: Acclaimed Producer Steve McEveety Trades the Familiar for the Opportunity to Foster Films That Matter

Reconnaissance with Terrell Clemmons
Creative Extremism Comes of Age: An Interview with Lila Rose

Hazmats with Judith A. Reisman
Two Teens v. Society: A Suit on Behalf of All Teens Accused of “Sexting” (A Modern Fable)

Operation ID with Casey Luskin
Premature Falsification: Critics of Signature in the Cell Rush to Judgment & Hinder Scientific Progress

Deprogram with Denyse O’Leary
Granny Pause: Does Darwinism Care About You Even When You Are Old & Well Past It?

Parting Shot with Herb London
Boardrooms & Classrooms: Real Profits & Academic Fancy

Featured Departments

Featured Shrapnel
Getting Real: A Holistic Approach to Pregnancy & Teenage Sexuality
An Interview with Joanna Repsold

by Bobby Maddex

Great Escapes
Twice Convicted: The Story of Mike Adams, Atheist Criminologist
by Terrell Clemmons

by Bobby Maddex

ACLU: Attorneys Committed to Legalizing the Undoing of America
by Terrell Clemmons

Featured Blip
A Review of Eggsploitation
by Terrell Clemmons

Incoming - Shrapnel (Skin Deep, Gaydar, What the Heel?) - The Trenches - Blips

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Mind Control: Safeguarding Yours from the Modern Cult of Experts by Terrell Clemmons

ETI In the Sky: What the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Means for Us by Hugh Ross

Our Quantum Leap: There Is a Huge Chasm Between Humans & Nonhuman Animals by Michael Egnor

Faith Removal: Militant Science & Apostle Krauss by Regis Nicoll

IVF & Its Victims by Marcia Segelstein

Getting Personal: Language Is a Sign of Our Spiritual Nature by James M. Kushiner

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