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SALVO 19: Winter 2011
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Featured online from this issue:

Hunter-Gatherer Nut Cases
Let's Just Reduce Our Altruism, Morals & Love to Brain Waves
by Tom Gilson

Reckless Entanglement
The Dead-End Nature of "Friends with Benefits"
by Terrell Clemmons

Biological Software
Darwin Can't Connect Your iPod to a Printer
by Richard W. Stevens

Eyeballing Design
"Biomimetics" Exposes Attacks On ID as Poorly Designed
by Casey Luskin

Also in this issue:

The Fake Ads

Opening Salvo
A Matter of Mind
by Jim Kushiner


Sex & the Kiddies
The Sexualization of Children & How Advertising & Entertainment Change Their Brains
by Robin Phillips

Save the Whales!
Monsters Well-Designed for the Earth's Ecosystem
by Hugh Ross


Foreign Intel with Michael Cook
Doctors Contagious: Has the Unethical Research of Dr. Cutler Spread to Others?

R & R with Marcia Segelstein
Anchored Man: Interview with Brit Hume

Hazmats with Judith Reisman
Coming Attractions: Is Pedophilia the Next Sexual Perversion to Become Normalized?

Deprogram with Denyse O'Leary
Brain Scams: Have Some Neuroscientists Lost Their Minds?

Parting Shot with Herb London
Wrong Answer: Cheating Is Now a Learning Experience?

Featured Departments

Featured Blip
A Review of "What We Can't Not Know: A Guide" by J. Budziszewski
by Terrell Clemmons

The Trenches
Members Only: Can an Atheist Join a Christian Campus Fellowship?
by A.W.R. Hawkins

Intelligence Central: Just the Facts Even an Educated Atheist Can Understand
by Regis Nicoll

Great Escapes
From "Son of Sam" to "Son of Hope": The Story of David Berkowitz
by Terrell Clemmons

Believed & Deceived: Hitler's Rise & the Deadly Loss of Moral Courage
by Terrell Clemmons

Bill Maher: Mr. Know Nothing
by Terrell Clemmons

Shrapnel/Ammo, Blips, Hired Guns

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Mind Control: Safeguarding Yours from the Modern Cult of Experts by Terrell Clemmons

ETI In the Sky: What the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Means for Us by Hugh Ross

Our Quantum Leap: There Is a Huge Chasm Between Humans & Nonhuman Animals by Michael Egnor

Faith Removal: Militant Science & Apostle Krauss by Regis Nicoll

IVF & Its Victims by Marcia Segelstein

Getting Personal: Language Is a Sign of Our Spiritual Nature by James M. Kushiner

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