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Salvo 20

SALVO 20: Spring 2012
Mail date: March 12th, 2012
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Featured online from this issue:

The Illusionist
How Herbert Marcuse Convinced a Generation that Censorship Is Tolerance & Other Politically Correct Tricks
by Robin Phillips

American Nightmare
New Hit TV Series Is Haunted by Infidelity & Abortion
by Karen Swallow Prior

Seeing Is Convicting
The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Takes Pictures
by Terrell Clemmons

Don't the Intricacy & Ubiquity of Molecular Machines Provide Evidence for Design?
by Casey Luskin

Also in this issue:

The Fake Ads

More Salvo fake ads

Opening Salvo
The Big Picture
by Jim Kushiner


Postscript Earth
Let's Imagine a World Lacking People to Write About It
by Regis Nicoll

Marriage, Act Two
A Move Toward Divorce Doesn't Have to Wind Up There
by Marcia Segelstein

Mass Appeal
On How the Vastness of Space Makes It Possible for You to Be Here
by Hugh Ross


Foreign Intel with Michael Cook
Dutch Treatment: A Eureka Moment for Holland's Medical Ethics

R & R with Marcia Segelstein
Heart of the Story: An Interview with Brian Godawa

Undercover with Terrell Clemmons
Wait for It: A Letter on Why Marriage Makes All the Difference

Hazmats with Judith Reisman
It's Academic: Kinsey's Love Affair with Pedophilia Three Generations Later

Deprogram with Denyse O'Leary
Disappearing Link: Our Evolutionary Ancestors Keep A-Changing

Parting Shot with Herb London
Sold Out: The Big Business of Sports on Campus

Featured Departments

Allied Front
Discovery Institute

Featured Blip
Love Actualized: The book The Meaning of Marriage
by Timothy Keller with Kathy Keller

reviewed by Terrell Clemmons

Vantage Point: How to See Outside the Box
by Cameron Wybrow

Baby Barcodes: On Tracking Eggs & Embryos
by Paige Comstock Cunningham

The Trenches
Campus Gag: The Not-So-Free Exchange of Ideas
by A.W.R. Hawkins

Great Escapes
When Enough Was Enough: The Story of Donna Rice Hughes
by Marcia Segelstein

GLSEN: K–12 Queer Ed Regime
by Terrell Clemmons

Collateral Damage
From Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Human Roadkill in Two Easy Steps
by Terrell Clemmons

Shrapnel/Ammo, Blips, Hired Guns

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Mind Control: Safeguarding Yours from the Modern Cult of Experts by Terrell Clemmons

ETI In the Sky: What the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Means for Us by Hugh Ross

Our Quantum Leap: There Is a Huge Chasm Between Humans & Nonhuman Animals by Michael Egnor

Faith Removal: Militant Science & Apostle Krauss by Regis Nicoll

IVF & Its Victims by Marcia Segelstein

Getting Personal: Language Is a Sign of Our Spiritual Nature by James M. Kushiner

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