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Salvo 23

SALVO 23: Winter 2012
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Family Skewed
When the Needs of Children Are Secondary to the Desires of Adults, Guess Who Keeps Losing?
by Marcia Segelstein

Unmaking a Difference
Is Gender Neutrality the New Stereotype?
by Robin Phillips

Getting Smarts
Intelligence Is Today's Unknown Country
by Denyse O'Leary

Homo Credens
Everybody Has Faith Even After They Lose It
by Regis Nicoll

Free Love Is Neither
Liberation Fatigue & the New Sexual Renegades
by Terrell Clemmons

Also in this issue:

The Fake Ads

Opening Salvo
The M Word
by James M. Kushiner


Solar Flair
Life in Our Sun's Special Neighborhood
by Hugh Ross


Foreign Intel with Michael Cook
Elegy for the Lion City: Singapore's Demographic Woes Are of Its Own Making

Person of Interest with Marcia Segelstein
Marital Union Do's & Don'ts: An Interview with Maggie Gallagher

Hazmats with Judith Reisman
Sexually Transmitted Insanity: How Our Public Schools Came to Promote a Social Disease

Undercover with Terrell Clemmons
Soul Survivor: A Conversation with Dawn Eden

Operation ID with Casey Luskin
Unnecessary Surrender: Why Are Theistic Evolutionists Rushing to Embrace Beliefs Hostile to Theism?

Deprogram with Denyse O'Leary
Getting Smarts: Intelligence Is Today's Unknown Country

Featured Departments

Allied Front
by Michael Cook

Featured Blip
Longing Daughters: The Documentary Dear Daddy: A Message to Our Fathers
reviewed by Terrell Clemmons

Simply Put: The Prose and Cons of Modern Writing
by Cameron Wybrow

Bionics in Reach: On Removable Limbs, Fairness & Upgrades
by Paige Comstock Cunningham

The Trenches
Staged Left: Faking Hate Crimes to Score Points
by A.W.R. Hawkins

The Southern Poverty Law Center: Spinning Hate into Gold
by Terrell Clemmons

Great Escapes
Just Like Grace: How a Planned Parenthood Employee of the Year Became Pro-Life
by Terrell Clemmons

Evolution Utopia: A Look at E. O. Wilson in Conference
by Joseph Allen

Parting Shot
Preaching Profs: Intimidation, Chastisement & the Campus Proselytizers
by Herb London

Shrapnel/Ammo, Blips, Hired Guns

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A Boy's Life: 5 Recommendations for Shielding Our Sons from the Anti-Culture—And Setting Them Towards Manhood by Anthony Esolen

Revolution 101: How the 'New Civics' Is Fomenting Civil Unrest by Terrell Clemmons

Up for Grabs: In Science, When 'Anything Goes,' Everything Goes by Denyse O'Leary

Optimal Optics: Evolutionists Don't Know a Good Eye When They See One by Jonathan Wells


The Darwin Tales: It's Time to Remit Darwinian Storytelling to the Annals of History by Terrell Clemmons

Engendered Confusion: The Chaos of Postmodern Sexuality by Laurie Higgins

Zombie Killer: The "Icons of Evolution" Have Joined the Ranks of the Undead by Denyse O'Leary

My Favorite Zombies: Can We Let Them Rest in Peace? by James M. Kushiner

Eye Openers: Eight Common Factors for Atheists Changing Their Minds About God by Matt Nelson

Tuning Out the Universe: How Naturalism & Post-Fact Science Ignore the Evidence We See by Denyse O'Leary

Deep-Seated Rights: What They Are & Why You Have Them by Steve Jones

Improbably So: Fine-Tuning Is Unlikely, but Unlikely Things Happen All the Time by Tim Barnett

The Long Red Shadow: Mike Shotwell Has a Message for Millennial America by Terrell Clemmons

The Good Life: It's to Know, Serve & Love the Truth, Not the Pursuit of Happiness by James Altena

Taking Polls Apart: Human Complexity Foils Electoral Predictions by Denyse O'Leary

Morality as Story: The False Charity of Modern Journalism by Rebekah Curtis

Can We Talk?: It Is Crucial That We Put Our Minds to Contentious Issues by James M. Kushiner

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