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Salvo 25

SALVO 25: Summer 2013
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Software for Sex
Successful Mating Habits Require Intelligent Programming
by Richard W. Stevens

Prized Fighter
An Interview with Star Parker
by Marcia Segelstein

Cracking Eggs
IVF & Israel's New Eugenics
by Paige Comstock Cunningham

Lukianoff's Ashes
What a Candid Postmodernist Might Do to an Atheist's Book Exposing Campus Censorship
by Les Sillars

Facing Feminism
A Closer Look at Its Discontents
by Colleen Carroll Campbell

Also in this issue:


Mixed Companies
Women in Combat, Feminism & Misogyny
by Robin Phillips

After Darkness
What They Said One Night at the "Sex Positive Conference"


Foreign Intel with Michael Cook
Little Emperors: Will Its One-Child Policy Change China's Character?

Hazmats with Marcia Segelstein
Hazardous Omissions: A Few Unmentioned Side Effects of Contraceptives & Abortion

Undercover with Terrell Clemmons
A Divine Derailment: A Conversation with Rosaria Champagne Butterfield

Deprogram with Denyse O'Leary
Genes on the Move: Horizontal Gene Transfer Messes Up Darwin's Scheme

Operation ID with Casey Luskin
Once Upon a Raft: Biogeography, Common Descent & Seafaring Monkeys

Featured Departments

Opening Salvo
Resistance in Croatia
by Judith Reisman

Allied Front
Reasons to Believe: "Where Science and Faith Converge"

Featured Blip
Conjugate This
A review of
What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense
reviewed by Terrell Clemmons

Citizens Cain & Abel
The Dilemma of Soulcraft & the State

by Cameron Wybrow

The Trenches
Low Tolerance
Why Are Diversity Workshops Ruined by Homogeneity?
by Bobby Neal Winters

Planned Parenthood
Where the Blood & Money Flow

by Terrell Clemmons

Guide for the Misguided
A Clarifying Journey of Intervention, Detox & Recovery

by Terrell Clemmons

Speak No Evil
Judging by the New Blasphemy Code, Moral Views Are Excluded

by Regis Nicoll

Great Escapes
The Path to Intimacy It Took Courage to Find It
by Marcia Segelstein

Truth vs. State
It Takes Courage to Confront False Ideologies

by H. Lynn Gardner

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A Boy's Life: 5 Recommendations for Shielding Our Sons from the Anti-Culture—And Setting Them Towards Manhood by Anthony Esolen

Revolution 101: How the 'New Civics' Is Fomenting Civil Unrest by Terrell Clemmons

Up for Grabs: In Science, When 'Anything Goes,' Everything Goes by Denyse O'Leary

Optimal Optics: Evolutionists Don't Know a Good Eye When They See One by Jonathan Wells


The Darwin Tales: It's Time to Remit Darwinian Storytelling to the Annals of History by Terrell Clemmons

Engendered Confusion: The Chaos of Postmodern Sexuality by Laurie Higgins

Zombie Killer: The "Icons of Evolution" Have Joined the Ranks of the Undead by Denyse O'Leary

My Favorite Zombies: Can We Let Them Rest in Peace? by James M. Kushiner

Eye Openers: Eight Common Factors for Atheists Changing Their Minds About God by Matt Nelson

Tuning Out the Universe: How Naturalism & Post-Fact Science Ignore the Evidence We See by Denyse O'Leary

Deep-Seated Rights: What They Are & Why You Have Them by Steve Jones

Improbably So: Fine-Tuning Is Unlikely, but Unlikely Things Happen All the Time by Tim Barnett

The Long Red Shadow: Mike Shotwell Has a Message for Millennial America by Terrell Clemmons

The Good Life: It's to Know, Serve & Love the Truth, Not the Pursuit of Happiness by James Altena

Taking Polls Apart: Human Complexity Foils Electoral Predictions by Denyse O'Leary

Morality as Story: The False Charity of Modern Journalism by Rebekah Curtis

Can We Talk?: It Is Crucial That We Put Our Minds to Contentious Issues by James M. Kushiner

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