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Shattered Minds

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Featured online from this issue:

by Marcia Segelstein
"Here's your money," say today's college students, "Now give us our degrees!"

DEPROGRAM with Denyse O'Leary
The Truth Hurts: Following the evidence to career oblivion

PARTING SHOT with Herb London
Mind Control: Now occurring at a university near you

by Karen Swallow Prior
Sometimes indoctrination is a matter of life and death

Also in this issue:

Opening Salvo
by James M. Kushiner


by Mark Linville
A new orthodoxy has a stranglehold on American colleges and universities

by Les Sillars and John Basie
Academic bias is ubiquitous, but choosing the right college can minimize the damage

by Marcia Segelstein
Just how bad is the indoctrination at American universities? We ask David Horowitz

Special Forces

FRIENDLY FIRE with Regis Nicoll
Sci-fi Apologetics: Who’s really brighter, the naturalist or the supernaturalist?

SEMPER SCI with Hugh Ross
Put ‘Em to the Test: Toward resolving the conflict between naturalism and intelligent design

FOREIGN INTEL with Michael Cook
Weighty Problems: There’s a limit to the number of issues we can panic over

INTERROGATE with Greg Koukl
Crimes of the Heart: Should it be illegal to hate?

R & R with Barbara Nicolosi
Oscar Redux What the 2008 Academy Awards reveal about the culture

with S. T. Karnick
Speech Impediments How big media garble the First Amendment

Random Flak

by Doug Large
Why we should diverge from college credentialism

THE FRAT TRAP by Bobby Maddex
They insist that they’re harmless, but are fraternities telling the truth?

Departments: Incoming - Shrapnel - Blips: A RAY OF HOPE by Julie Grisolano - Operation ID

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Mind Control: Safeguarding Yours from the Modern Cult of Experts by Terrell Clemmons

ETI In the Sky: What the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Means for Us by Hugh Ross

Our Quantum Leap: There Is a Huge Chasm Between Humans & Nonhuman Animals by Michael Egnor

Faith Removal: Militant Science & Apostle Krauss by Regis Nicoll

IVF & Its Victims by Marcia Segelstein

Getting Personal: Language Is a Sign of Our Spiritual Nature by James M. Kushiner

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