Donald Trumps and Family Values

trumpBy now it’s starting to feel like a broken record. I keep hearing that Trump, for all his faults, at least has this going for him: with Trump what you see is what you get; he’s not afraid to tell it like it is.

The facts speak against this naive portrayal of Trump, as I pointed out earlier in the year. So why does this myth of Trump-the-straight-talker have so much traction? Part of the answer is that Trumps’ in-your-face-bombastic-politically-incorrect manner gives the impression that he’s more concerned with “telling it as it is” then with what anyone may think of him. His unpolished redneck style of rhetoric oozes a type of authenticity that contrasts sharply with Clinton, who feels untrustworthy (and no doubt is).

The book of Proverbs warns us not to be deceived by surface appearances. When we look at the facts we find that Trump is just as shifty, manipulative and duplicitous as Clinton. Maybe we should vote for him as the lesser of two evils (I am not going to), but if so, surely we should do so without any of these naive notions about him being a straight-talker.

The recent revelations about Trump’s hatred of women simply underscore my point. Last month Trump boasted to the Family Research Council about being pro-family values, yet in the recording uncovered by the Washington Post he complains about his failure to seduce a married woman and brags to Billy Bush about his methods for groping women. If this is a person with “family values”, it’s a very strange sort of family values.

There’s no reason to suppose that Trump’s tendency to objectify women was limited to that one conversation: in 1994 his quickness to objectify women with his oversexed outlook manifested itself even in the way he talked about his baby daughter.

Okay, those things happened a long time ago. And today Trump apologized, right? Yes he did apologize, but at the same time he dismissed the recent revelations as “a distraction.” Just to put this into perspective, a video has surfaced in which a presidential candidate effectively confessed to committing, or wanting to commit, the crime of sexual assault, and he tells those who might be concerned about this that it is a distraction! 

For those who have been following Donald Trump misogyny, the recent news does not come as a shock. After all, Trump’s former wife has accused him of raping her, and a former business associate has told of how Trump forced himself on her, groping all over her body.

I know, we’re not electing a Sunday School teacher, and corruption runs deep in almost any presidential candidate. But what we’re talking here about criminal actions. If any ordinary person did these things, he would be put on the sex offender list.

“Okay,” someone might reply, “but surely what really matters is where Trump stands on the actual issues, right?” Indeed, so let’s take a look at Trump’s “family values” on the issues. During the primaries ChristianNewsWire released the following run-down on Trump’s positions:

  • He wants a new federal law punishing private business owners who won’t hire homosexuals or transsexuals
  • He is for open homosexuality and transsexuality in the U.S. military
  • He supports pro-“LGBT” “hate crime” laws
  • He opposes a constitutional amendment protecting marriage for only a man and a woman
  • He supports making every state perform homosexual “weddings”
  • He enjoyed attending a same-sex “marriage” ceremony.

Family values? I don’t think so.

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