About Robin Phillips and Salvo

Profile pictureRobin Phillips is the author of Saints and Scoundrels (Canon Press). In addition to his work as a contributing editor of Salvo, he contributes to a variety of publications including Touchstone and the Colson Center. Robin has debated social issues on international television, spoken at conferences throughout the world, and has had his work featured in over 60 media outlets. He holds a Ph.M in historical theology from King’s College, London.

About Salvo

Salvo29A publication of The Fellowship of St. JamesSalvo is dedicated to debunking the cultural myths that have undercut human dignity, all but destroyed the notions of virtue and morality, and slowly eroded our appetite for transcendence. It also seeks to promote the Christian worldview. The opinions expressed by individual contributors are not necessarily those of the editors or publisher. To subscribe to Salvo, click here. To visit Salvo Magazine’s homepage, click here. To view the archives of Robin’s Salvo articles, click here.

About The ‘Unpragmatic Thoughts’ Blog
Unpragmatic Thoughts
After years of operating his popular ‘Readings and Reflections’ blog, Robin decided to move his blog over to the Salvo website as a more effective platform for launching some new projects.

Those who loved the wild variety of Robin’s old blog will not be disappointed, for in addition to sharing his ongoing research about American pragmatism, Robin will continue to blog about everything else under the sun. At ‘Unpragmatic Thoughts’ you will also be able to receive real-time updates on what Robin is reading and where his articles are being published. But be forewarned: the ideas expressed in this blog are not necessarily those of the Fellowship of Saint James. Time will tell whether these ideas will even be those of Robin Phillips.